The Culture of a Winning B2B Brand.

When it comes to branding and business, you must go cross-cultural even when you are not crossing borders.

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It’s a web-centric world. Get on board.

The power to influence has shifted to the web. Learn how to widen your circle of influence and leverage your prospects' web-centric behavior to drive action.

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Connecting with your customers in a web-centric world.

Your web site is only one stop in your prospect's journey (and it's not the most influential). To connect with your customers, you must be all ­over the web like they are. Here's how.

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Managing your brand in a web-centric world.

Do you control your brand or do others define it? Learn how the web-centric world has changed how people engage with our brands.­

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Landing pages that work.

Learn how smart marketers are optimizing their landing pages to drive results.

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What's an Orange Thought?

It's EB's version of a whitepaper, just shorter, more conversational, and hopefully filled with really useful tips and advice. Why orange? Cause it's one of our identity colors, and it just sounds cool.