It’s all about the content.

So what the heck is Content Marketing? At its core it’s the art and science of understanding what your buyers need to know throughout the buy process and providing it to them at the right time in the right form.  Simply put – it’s the key to driving customer acquisition in our new web-centric world.  

Here’s how we get you to a state of Content Marketing nirvana:

  • Social Media and Competitor Assessment - we start by looking at what's already out there – this helps us all get a sense of what strategy will work best.
  • Internal Assessment – next we take stock of whatever content assets you already have (white papers, case studies, video testimonials, etc.).
  • Content Strategy – this is where the magic really starts – we work with you (and your customers) to define the kinds of content your buyers are looking for at every stage in the buying cycle.  
  • Content Development – now that we know what content your buyers need…and what you have…we can help you develop the elements that feed your strategy.
  • Asset Design and Development – from videos to demos, we’ll create the assets that ensure a smooth communications flow that your buyers will easily digest.  
  • Content Marketing Boot-Camp – we want you to be armed and dangerous, which is why we train your team on the gentle ways to effectively engage in a content strategy in today's web-centric world.
  • Measure and Adjust - we'll review all the analytics (web site, SEO, PPC, Email opens, etc.) to see what's working and where you can improve.

In the end it’s all about delivering the right kinds content to your buyers at the right point in their buying cycle – whether it is on your site, an industry site, Twitter, Email, video…you name it and we’ll get you there.

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Get Content.  Get Customers – by Joe Pullizi, thought leader, speaker and founder and chief content officer for Junta42.

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84% of technology buyers said they want content that educates.  They want content specific to their jobs and their industry."