Bring Your Collateral to Life

Here's a thought: Why should your PDF documents be static?

We say they shouldn't. Which is why we fused the traditional PDF content sheet with new media technology. Check out these examples:

collateral 2.0 - CareFX
Carefx uses Collateral 2.0 to help sell their Fusionfx product.

collateral 2.0
We use Collateral 2.0 to help our prospects understand our brand process.

In a Collateral 2.0 Document your PDF can include:

  • Video Content - your experts, customer testimonials or industry experts;
  • Multiple Images - instead of one or two photo images that are standard on product literature, how about embedding a dynamic gallery of screen shots using Flash technology?
  • Applications - add an ROI calculator or interactive product comparison check list;
  • Blog content - add links to your blog or other industry blogs;
  • Industry News - pull in news from the most popular source.

We've got lots more ideas to share, let's talk.

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