The people at Erickson Barnett are mostly good dressers with a finely honed sense of knowing what is real and what is not. When you work with EB you'll get to work with some of the industry's best in:

  • Brand Strategy
  • Design
  • Web Development
  • Web Architecture
  • Multimedia Design and Production
  • Account Management

And of course you can't miss our own larger than life mannequin - Woody. Without him we are quite sure our team would never have gone to the green side of life. We appreciate your interest in us and realize that this page will mostly be read by proud parents, aunts, and uncles. If you don't fit in any of the aforementioned categories we thank you for reading this page.

Christine Campbell VP, Account Strategy and Development

For more than half of her highly distinguished life, Christine has been marketing technology products and services (she can't quickly identify what she did with the other half). You may have known her at one of these companies: Infodata Systems, VM Software, Washington Technology Newspaper, Maxwell Online, The Thomson Corporation, SAGA, Riverbed Technologies, or Aether Systems. If not, rest assured, she will claim to know you.

Christine alleges to have been with Erickson Barnett for going on ten years - while she has only been an employee for five years, she did use EB as her agency for many years before officially joining forces. You will certainly meet Christine as part of the process of becoming a new Erickson Barnett client. Along the way she will find someone who knows you, and then claim to know you as well - or tell you she has worked in your building before and talk to you about where you should go to eat. Let her go with it - in the end she is always right.

Suzie Kamasa VP, Client Accounts

Though born in Sweden, Suzie was soon moved to London, England where she grew up to become a marketing extraordinaire Italian cooking, and wine, aficionado - nothing pleases her more than a really great bottle of Barolo and a tough marketing challenge.

Suzie's been in the marketing business for more than 20 years and ran her own agency in London - Carr Kamasa Design - where she worked with a broad range of UK and European companies including Diageo, Legal & General, and Riggs Bank on branding, collateral, campaigns, preparing for IPOs, and shareholder communications.

As VP of Client Services at Erickson Barnett Suzie is someone you will get to know very early on. She plays a significant role early on in shaping your marketing strategies and guides our team through the process of delivering a quality product.

Suzie graduated with a First Class Honors Degree (it's a big deal, kind of like a Magna Cum Laude) from Reading University in England with a BA in Graphic Communications.

Jeff Erickson Co-Founder & CEO

Over a quarter century of experience. Twenty years as a business owner. No gray hair. OK, what you perceive as gray, he claims is extra blond. A pretty diverse background that includes big business (Merrill Lynch and Andersen Consulting), small business (Erickson Barnett and Parcel Plus), and a list of clients that falls everywhere in between.

You'll see Jeff at many points in your relationship with Erickson Barnett. Early on, he'll be one of the first folks you meet as you become a client. He plays a major role at the strategy level. Later, if you do a web site, he'll probably be the information architect (Jeff has architected more than 200 sites). He also serves as the CFO. Yeah, that's a lot of hats, but rest assured that he will never, ever do any design or programming - it's one of the major reasons we're so successful.

Lee Erickson Co-Founder & President

From her first job as a 6th grade teacher, to developing corporate training for GE, to starting her own business, Lee has focused on how to best communicate messages that connect with their audiences.

After years as a pioneer in the computer-based training field (and no, she didn't have a bonnet), Lee got the entrepreneurial bug and started her own consulting business. In 1995, after Al Gore invented the World Wide Web, she re-focused her company on helping B2B technology companies leverage this new medium to extend their marketing and communication efforts (besides it sounded like a whole lot more fun).

You'll likely meet Lee as part of the project's upfront analysis or creative process and she will certainly be in the mix if there's an interactive component to your project. Be prepared to play the "Name that movie" game where she randomly throws out a quote and challenges you to identify what movie it's from. (Young Frankenstein and Cool Hand Luke are her favorites if you want to bone up before you drop by.)

Lee holds a BA in Education from Virginia Tech and an MA in Educational Communications & Technology from New York University.

Marty Stake Director, Web Development and Technology

Erickson Barnett's technology go-to-guy, Marty Stake brings his best adult years of experience (that's five if you're counting) in making web sites work on every browser and every platform. And he doesn't leave it there. Whether coding up intricate Javascript solutions, exploring the latest in XHTML/CSS development techniques, or filling his head with best-practice guidelines in site architecture, typography, and interface design, Marty can tie projects together with a laser-focused attention to detail that will last through Web 5.0.

Graduating James Madison University ('99 - Go Dukes!) with a degree in Computer Science, Marty combines true genius with an amazing ability, and joy, in solving tough challenges. "If I don't know it, I'll learn it." And "learn it" is an understatement.

Marty completely immerses himself in a problem until he understands it inside-and-out. Which ultimately means he can bang out and troubleshoot pixel-perfect websites using the latest technology the web has to offer. All with the full support of the designers who hang on his every word and piece of advice.

If he's not reading up on the interwebs, you'll find Marty at a Redskins game or in College Park cheering on the Terps with his lovely wife Renee.

He would humbly say he's a great golf partner. We'll speak on his behalf here and say if you want to finish in the money you'll want to recruit him for your foursome. And if all the above isn't enough, he'll just make you smile. Especially while sitting around enjoying a Dogfish Head 120-Minute IPA. And, really, isn't that the most important thing.

Dave Kammerdeiner Art Director

Dave's never been one to go about life in a typical fashion. He waited to start college until he turned 21 because there were mountains to be skied, spent five years rocking out as a band roadie and stagehand, and to this day designs tattoos for himself and his friends. Now, he uses his unconventional outlook to create award winning brands for some amazing clients ranging from consumer brands like National Geographic and Discovery, to B2B brands like Ariba and IDEA.

Dave's training at the school of Creative Arts at West Virginia University were the best eight years of his life. His education, combined with his total dedication to design and his natural propensity for the unorthodox are what drive Dave to create truly unique designs for our clients. In everything Dave does in the design world, from lecturing students at his alma mater, to leading his team of designers at EB, he encourages people to think differently and be a little eccentric.

Whether you are looking for unique design for your business, or a new tattoo - Dave is always up for some craic and a pint at any Dogfish Head ale house. Just don't mention the WVU loss to Pitt...

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