Case Studies

Lead Generation Campaign


The Goal

Drive sales of the ExtremeZ-IP product by getting the potential buyer to download a product trial.

The Approach

Capture the emotion of the buyer through a strong "No Whining" message combined with an innovative mailing shape.

The Results

264 visits to the campaign landing page (a 4.9% response rate) and from those visits 164 demo registrations (a 62% conversion to demo rate).

This campaign hits all the right notes. Erickson Barnett delivered a strong message that my buyer can relate to and delivered it in an appealing way. I knew we had a winner on our hands when one of my buyers called and asked for 500 of the "No Whining" door hangers to distribute in their office!" Kate Bland
Director of Marketing, Group Logic

The Goal

Drive awareness for MobileAccess in advance of their participation at the HIMMS annual conference as well as drive activity on the show floor.

The Approach

Deploy an integrated pre-show, at-show, and post-show campaign built on a unique and attention grabbing theme - "The Dead Spot" - across flat mailers, dimensional mailers, a show booth, landing page and email.

The Results

  • The pre show mailer drove a 3.75% response rate - measured by visits to the campaign landing page.
  • 15% of the people who visited the landing page downloaded a white paper.
  • Based on the pre show mailing alone, three high level prospect meetings were set.
  • 1/3 of the leads generated from the conference indicated they were already aware of MobileAccess based on the pre-event campaign.
By reinforcing our message through an innovative, multi-tiered marketing effort, Erickson Barnett successfully created and exciting campaign that did what so few are able to do; created recognition and built awareness in a highly competitive market. Jeff Kunst
Vice President, Marketing, MobileAccess

The Goal

Create a brand identity and web presence for IDEA that elevated their position in the market.

The Approach

The identity program begin with the creation of the new IDEA tagline, then moved to the creation of an IDEA logo and follow on suite or product logos. Next the full visual identity creation and finally the web site.

The Results

A fully integrated suite of company and product logos, a rich and dynamic visual identity that conveys momentum and action, and a streamlined, cutting edge web presence. All work together to present IDEA as a forward moving innovator in the space.

Everything is pulled together so nicely. All our customers and owners are so proud. Rita Hagopian
Marketing Director, IDEA

The Goal

Launch the Intelliworks Orion product and drive product trial.

The Approach

A very targeted, focused, minimalist web site that clearly expressed the product benefits and made it simple to see how the product worked.

The Results

Off-worldly - 30% conversion to trial.

When we launched our SaaS (Software as a Service) product called - Orion, our sole objective was to drive trial subscriptions. Erickson Barnett responded in record time with a brand identity and website that easily met our objectives. As soon as we launched we were able to convert 30 percent of our site visitors to trial users- this was a tremendous achievement. Anirban Chakrabarti
Vice President - Product Marketing Director, Intelliworks

The Goal - Present a unique position and drive sales.

Aptela provides Hosted VoIP solutions to the Small and Medium-sized Business market. They're in a crowded space selling a somewhat complicated product.

With a new leadership team in place and the support of their board, the time was right for Aptela to carve out their own unique marketing message and visual identity. Then they needed to support it with a web presence designed to do one thing - advance the sale of their solutions.

The Approach - It starts with the customers.

There's no better way to start the process of defining your unique message than to talk with your customers and prospects - they alone hold the key to truly understanding what people are buying...and why.

And that matters a lot because when you create a messaging platform you have to forget about what you're "selling" and focus on what people are "buying."

The Aptela process started with a series of customer interviews. During this process we discovered something pivotal to the messaging development:

In the early stages of the buying process the Aptela buyer's primary concern is the ease with which they can implement a VoIP system.

This was in direct contrast to how Aptela was actively messaging their solution sale - which was focused on calling out the very cool features the product can deliver.

The Results - It's simple.

Today Aptela has a new message, logo, visual identity and web site all focused on the core proposition of "clear and simple."

Their tagline - "Superior Phone Service. Clear and Simple" - establishes the message of great value that is easy to obtain. The logo is simple in execution and feels friendly and approachable. The web site home page addresses their buyers primary concern of installation by walking them through five simple steps to VoIP.

All aspects work together seamlessly to deliver on what the Aptela buyer is seeking.

The folks at Erickson Barnett are the business person's marketing team. They understand the fine art of creating and nuancing a great message - one that can be seamlessly carried through to the web experience. It's a unique combination of skills and not many agencies can execute both effectively. This is the second time I have worked with the Erickson Barnett team and the second time that they delivered flawlessly. Jackie Funk
Director of Marketing - Aptela