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Using content to drive sales.  Part 3: Getting your mind right.

A series of posts that looks at how marketers can put content to work for them to drive awareness, leads, and ultimately sales.  

Leveraging content to drive leads and ultimately sales is a different way of marketing.  It's also a different way of thinking.  So how do you "get your mind right?"

Stop thinking like a marketer.

Imagine you’re sitting across from a potential buyer.  You're ready to reel him in and get him interested in what your company offers. You're thinking about all the great things your products do.  What you want to tell him.  What information and tidbits you want him to walk away with.

Now, imagine that you are sitting in the buyer's seat.  What do you think he wants to know?  What would he think would be most helpful?  What questions does he need answered?

It's a subtle, yet key difference.  It's about shifting your focus so you're better in touch with the needs of the buyer.   Content marketing helps you connect with potential buyers by filling those needs with relevant, useful content.  This allows you to nurture the buyer, create an on-going relationship, and become a trusted source.  That way, when they're ready to buy, they think of you.

Start thinking like a publisher.

Giving potential buyers content that educates and is relevant takes a publisher's mindset.

You need to believe that content is key to your success. You need to move away from selling and move toward informing. 

Thinking like a publisher means constantly striving to produce top-quality content that your reader (buyer) wants to read.  It requires you to produce relevant, timely, and consistent content and push that content out to your reader. 

Yes, it's ultimately about selling.

Of course your objective is sell something.  I'm not suggesting it isn't.  However, selling today takes a different mindset.  It's a bit of an oxymoron, but to successfully sell today, you need to stop selling.

This mindset is especially critical for B2B tech marketers, where sales cycles can last several months and leads need to be nurtured as they move through the different stages of the decision-making process.

It takes an understanding of both the sales process and your buyer, and a belief that by providing relevant content, you advance the sale.

Next post in this series:  Bonding with sales and your customer?  Oh, and 5 points for anyone who can tell me what movie "Getting your mind right" comes from.


I wanted to add a comment regard content to fuel sales. It’s also sometimes worth having other websites talk about your product. As in, sending them a sample or review item so that they can help create a more diverse approach. Have them help you sell instead of making your site the only source. Social or more widespread content is helpful in 2013 and beyond imo. Hope that helps somebody out there!

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