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Using content to drive sales.  Part 2: Connecting with the B2B buyer.

A series of posts that looks at how marketers can put content to work for them to drive awareness, leads, and ultimately sales.  

“Do not interrupt what people are interested in; be what people are interested in.” Jeff Lanctot, Avenue A | razorfish

In a nutshell that’s the gist of content marketing.  

Content marketing is about providing relevant, useful information that answers your buyers' questions, makes them smarter at their jobs, and helps them make better-informed buying decisions.  It's about pushing that content out to the places where your buyer is looking for information in order to generate awareness and brand recognition early and throughout the buying cycle.

Content marketing drives awareness and creates a connection.

B2B technology sales are often long and complex.  This is especially true today with the slow economy.  Additionally, B2B buyers consume a lot of information throughout the decision-making process and they’re turning primarily to the Web to find it. 

Content marketing positions you as a valuable, trusted resource for the buyer.  It allows you to create a connection early in the decision-making process and maintain that connection as the buyer moves from stage to stage.

By consistently providing high quality, relevant information that helps buyers make better-informed decisions, you can create a relationship that helps keep you top of mind when it comes time to act.

Traditional marketing doesn't work any more.

The shift happening on the Web is making traditional marketing strategies and tactics ineffective.  B2B marketers have to adapt to this new web-centric world to be effective.

Good content that is relevant to your buyer will stand out above all the fluffy bullsh*t bingo marketing content.  It will get you noticed because it’s what your buyer is looking for.   Additionally, it positions you as an expert and a trusted source - both key considerations for the buyer.

Slow and steady wins.

For most B2B tech sales, it’s not about grabbing someone’s attention in the heat of the moment and getting them to buy right now.  You can’t force someone to be a hot lead.  You can, however, create and maintain a valuable connection with qualified buyers, so when they're ready to start the evaluation process they think about and include you. 

Content marketing isn’t about distracting the buyer – “Hey look over here.”  It is about being the thing that your buyer is interested in.   

Next post in this series:  Getting your mind right.  (Includes my favorite "Name that movie" quote game.) 


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