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Using content to drive sales.  Part 1: The seismic shift happening on the Web.

A series of posts that looks at how marketers can put content to work for them to drive awareness, leads, and ultimately sales.  

You can almost hear it.  The seismic shift happening on the Web.  That noise you hear is your buyer demanding and devouring content.

Content that educates also sells.

¬≠¬≠There have been multiple surveys showing that what B2B buyers really want is helpful, relevant content (OPA, KnowledgeStorm MarketingSherpa).  Back in 2007, KnowledgeStorm reported that 84% of B2B tech buyers wanted content that "educates" and they expected vendors to provide it. 

Buyers are looking for more than market/sales driven content.  They want content specific to their jobs and industries.  They want information they can use on the job, something that makes them smarter and more knowledgeable about the issues they face on a daily basis.  They don't want traditional marketing info.

Companies that provide useful, relevant content targeted at their buyers will win out over those that don't.  Why?  Because they're giving buyers what they want.  

Can you deliver?

Informative content is especially important in the B2B tech sale, because the sales cycle is often so long and the amount of information a buyer needs to make a decision is so great.  The burden is shifting to marketers to create the relevant, engaging, and useful content buyers want.  Seth Godin said it best, "The only marketing left is content marketing."

The question you need to ask yourself is, "Can I deliver on what my buyer wants?"

Next post in this series:  Understanding what content marketing is all about. 


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