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If you’re a B2B marketer not leveraging social media, you’re behind the curve.

four_factors_OT.jpgA recent Forrester study of B2B technology decision makers found that this group was one of the most active when it came to social media. Forrester concluded that, "If you’re a B2B marketer and you’re not using social technologies in your marketing, it means you’re late."

So don't put it off any longer.  Here's our latest EB Orange Thought on planning your social media strategy.

In summary, your first step is to figure out what makes sense for your company. Here are four areas to assess:

  1. Your market: What are the social media destinations and who are the influencers?
  2. Your competitors: How are they engaging their buyers?
  3. Your buyers: What social media activities do they engage in?
  4. Your company: Is it ready with the resources, the content, and the right attitude?
Download the complete OT for tips on assessing these four areas and pulling it all together.


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