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If company logos adapted to the recession what might they look like?

With all the doom and gloom news out in the world today, it's good every now and then to lighten the mood.  Don't know where this originated from or who to credit, but here's a cleaver creative take on what might happen if logos reflected the recession's effect on a company.

Update: Found the creative geniuses behind these logos.  The "Fail" Ford logo comes from Ironicsans and the rest appear to have originated from Tosorto.



Fav is the Xerox. Good stuff.

Absolutely one of the funniest blog posts I have read in awhile!

Arron and Marcus, thanks for the comments.  Xerox is my favorite too.  Glad you enjoyed them.



LOL. And who says that recession is a bad thing?

Xerox is my fav too, but Dell is also nice.

Great stuff very creative use for the word recession check this one about <link></link>credit
crunch i really like the nokia disconecting people

lol. great post, very creative.

Very funny !
You can find also :
Vodafone - Vod Aphone

Got a big laugh at the nokia logo as my n95 is doing exactly that these days.

Xerox is the best though!

Haha I loved the ford one though the xerox one was hilarious too. Got a good laugh out of this.

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