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EB & Flow

A few months back AdAge reported the comeback of the agency bar.  They cited the fact that in house agency bars, a relic of the 1960s Madison Avenue era, are once again all the rage.

While we were stunned to hear that the agency bar was ever out, the AdAge article inspired us to host a party in honor of our bar, which we are embarrassed to admit, had never been named.

We invited our customers, partners and friends to join us in the proper inauguration of our bar and help us find the perfect bar moniker.  The ideas flowed, the wine was grand, and the beer (Dogfish Head) even better.

At the end of the night the choice was clear, our new bar would forever more be referred to as the EB & Flow. 

And so it is. 

We invite all our readers to come by any old time (preferably after noon) for a tasting of fine wine and beer, we’re always stocked.  And if flavored coffees and cappuccino are more your style there’s plenty of that on hand as well.


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