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Content is only “king” if it’s relevant to the reader.

Throughout my career I've always sung the "content is king" mantra.  I've found it to be the true no matter what I did - from elementary school teacher, to corporate trainer for GE, to owning my own marketing and design firm.  But just saying "content is king" isn't quite right anymore.  

Today people are inundated with too much content.  The web now has more content than ever before from more sources than every before.  With 24x7 access to this wealth of information, your prospects are becoming more knowledgeable every day.  They don't need content, they need relevant content.  By relevant I mean content that educates them and helps them solve the issues and problems they deal with on a daily basis. 

So ask yourself a couple of questions:

  • "What percentage of the content I provide on my site is useful and relevant?"
  • "Am I tapping into the expertise within my company to help my prospects become informed?"
  • "Am I tapping into the collective intelligence of others to provide relevant content?"
  • "Am I leveraging other channels to inform and educate my prospects?"

How'd you do?  It's likely there's room for improvement.  You have a great opportunity to be a source for relevant content for your prospects and customers.  Here are a few ways to get started:

Tap into the intelligence of others. 

  • Create a blog where your prospects and customers can share their thoughts, how-to's, and best practices.  Ask probing questions and highlight insights from other's experiences.
  • Run "how to" webinars where you provide key information on industry-related content.  Eliminate the sales pitch and lose the marketing speak.  Invite a guest speaker to participate.

Let prospects control the content they get.

  • Let subscribers to your eNewsletter control the content they get.  MarketingSherpa found that 83.3% of B2B technology buyers wanted control over content, followed next by 74.5% who wanted control over frequency.
  • Let visitors vote on the most relevant content on your site (whitepapers, webinars, blog posts) then push that content up for others to see.  Evaluate content that doesn't get good ratings and adjust it to be more relevant.

Reach beyond your own site.

  • Start participating on other people's blogs.  Get experts in your company posting or commenting on blogs related to the issues your prospects deal with.  Share their knowledge with everyone.  They'll get more exposure, your company will be seen as more of a thought leader, and your prospects will have more opportunities to learn from you.  Again, no hard sales, helpful, relevant advice only please.
  • Push out your content-rich, no sales speak, webinars, whitepapers, and expert advice to industry publications or relevant associations.  Publish how-to articles. Go beyond the standard case study and provide concrete advice on best practices and avoiding common pitfalls.


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