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B2B tech purchasers want content that “educates”.

A recent study by BurstMedia surveyed 13,00+ users about their usage habits and what they were looking for online.  Not surprisingly, they found usage is up - 33.8% of people surveyed said they were visiting "many more" sites each week than they were a year ago.

But what I found interesting was the type of content people are looking for:

  • For 18 - 34 year olds, the primary focus was news (40.1%) and online games (38.1%), but 35% of their time was spent looking for content related to work.
  • For 35 - 54 year olds, news wins out again (54.2%), but work related content jumps to 42.7%.  

It's clear that people are turning to the web for content.  But what about B2B technology purchasers?  How much time do they spend looking for work related info? 

A 2007 study by KnowledgeStorm and MarketingSherpa found that technology buyers spend 74% of their time online looking for info related to their technology purchases. 

  • 49% found online info more valuable than what they got at events, by mail, or in publications, and 45% found it of equal value.

So what are they looking for?

  • 84% said they want content that "educates them" and they expect vendors to provide it. They want content specific to their jobs and industry, not generic info.
  • Whitepapers top the charts as preferred content - 71% said they frequently read them, and 57% said they pass them on more than half the time. 
  • Case studies are next at 67%, followed by product literature (64%), articles from industry journalists (63%), and analyst reports (61%).

But here's the kicker - 79% search the web at least weekly looking for new content and 95% at least monthly.  What a great opportunity to get in front of your buyer and provide them relevant content

First step in putting together a content strategy is to assess the content you currently have.  Does it match up with that your prospects want?  Is it focused on educating and not selling the reader?  Are you showcasing the assets that you have, both on and off your site?

By reviewing the content you have today, you'll be better in touch with how well you're meeting your buyers' needs.


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