If you’re a B2B marketer not leveraging social media, you’re behind the curve.

Using content to drive sales.  Part 3: Getting your mind right.

Using content to drive sales.  Part 2: Connecting with the B2B buyer.

10 Things We Love - Online Marketing Tools, The Freebie Edition

Using content to drive sales.  Part 1: The seismic shift happening on the Web.

Web 2.0 means nothing without Customer 1.0.

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Content will rule in ‘09.

What to buy for the IT buyer

Should Marketers keep leads longer before giving to Sales?

Can collateral be social?  Here’s our shot at it.

Putting the “why” in community.

What’s the key to making online communities effective?

If you want to start an online community, look off line first.

Friday Poll: All the news you can stand.

Spend some quality time with your competitors.  You might learn something.

Friday Poll: What is your least favorite industry buzzword?

What does your buyer want?  Dissecting the complex B2B sale.  Part 5: Purchasing.

What does your buyer want?  Dissecting the complex B2B sale.  Part 4: Negotiations.

What does your buyer want?  Dissecting the complex B2B sale.  Part 3: Research.

What does your buyer want?  Dissecting the complex B2B sale.  Part 2: Awareness.

What does your buyer want?  Dissecting the complex B2B sale.  Part 1: What’s changed.

EB featured in Newfangled piece on developing a content strategy.

Customer testimonials - what works and what works better.

.ME domain names go on sale today. A second gold rush?

How to adapt to your users’ needs.  A real life story.

Does your eNewletter have a the right subject?

Whitepapers that educate are valued content for B2B tech buyers.

What content do your buyers value?  Marketers and buyers aren’t on the same page.

Survey Results:  B2B marketers’ engagement in social media

Is your web site a loser?

Should You get involved in Social Media? More than words to help you decide

Who are you selling to and when?

Three Key Determinants of Your Company’s Readiness to Plunge Into Social Media

Three Factors to Consider Before you Jump on the Social Media Bandwagon

Web Site Optimization & Analytics: Resources, Books, & Tools

Book review: The New Rules of Marketing & PR

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Book review:  Words that Work, Frank Luntz

Selling to the masses inside a company.

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Rethinking Brochureware Web Sites

Turning twiddling thumbs into faithful users

Why it’s time to hire Chief Content Officer

Friday Poll: HTML or Text Emails?

The Politics of Web Design (or vice versa)

Web site? We don’t need no stinking web site!

Is Target blowing it by not responding to bloggers?

Don’t fear the comment.

Do blogs influence journalists?  Two new studies weigh in.

The Soup Nazi Customer Service Continuum

Bonding with your customer through social networking.

Users want content.  And I’ve got proof.

Can TV predict the future of the web?

Is your web site just a sandwich board?

Winning friends and influencing people…online.

The human flip book experiment

Greenpeace gets creative.

Blockbuster ad clever but misses the mark.

Content is only “king” if it’s relevant to the reader.

Thinking inside the (hot) box

What do Mountain Dew, crowdsourcing, and social media have in common?

The genius of Amazon’s “Customers Vote” Program

Did you see that? Video makes a difference.

The web as influencer.

Word of mouth has moved to the web

Invading your privacy… or just serving you up with more relevant content?

Giving up content to get leads

What were they thinking? Marketing stunts gone wrong.

The debate continues: policy then blog, or blog then policy?

Unscientific, self-inflicted user research on the benefits of not putting content behind registration forms.

Say what you will - those Ketel One ads work.

IBM Unleases New Media Newsletter

Hitting the nail on the head.

What Bob’s heaven looks like…

Simplicity and User-Centered Design

Neat Flash Widget from the Little Car Made Out of Clay

Email Newsletter Services

Zeldman: Email is not a platform for design.

The Kings of Web 2.0

Quote of the Day

Dell goes Web 2.0!

A List A-what?

EBlog Flashback: Marty on Web 2.0

Web-Centric Marketing Quote of the Day

Obligatory Super Bowl ads link post.

Content is still king in Web 2.0 (and will be in Web 3.0, BTW).

BBC’s Fifteen Web Principles

Back to the future: Microsoft Outlook and HTML Email

Top 150 Marketing Blogs

Hello, Logo

6-in-1 Naming Post!

Where do we stand on email marketing and spam?

B2B blogging?

Re-examining the About Page

Business and Design

Why you can’t invent (or buy) viral.

Wanted: Cheap Ad Space

Stats! Get your web stats here!

Coudal Partners vs.


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