Sprint does data on steroids.

Friday Poll: The one I can't live without

Friday Poll: What annoys you more on a web site: bad content or bad navigation?

Friday Poll: HTML or Text Emails?

Nielsen lets us know where we (users and designers) stand on usability.

Define the word irony. Visually.

Form and function - in a business card

Be careful with Web 2.0

An annual report worth cooking.

The human flip book experiment

Are there any seminal works of web design…yet?

Thinking inside the (hot) box

To clients everywhere: How to make the most of a design engagement

The architecture of change.

It’s what’s inside that counts.

A features page with 300 items.

It’s all about perception.

Get around multi-page articles on the web.

Unscientific, self-inflicted user research on the benefits of not putting content behind registration forms.

Say what you will - those Ketel One ads work.

IBM Unleases New Media Newsletter

What Bob’s heaven looks like…

Good designers ___. Great designers ___.

15 Excellent Examples of Web Typography

Simplicity and User-Centered Design

Design is not about the product.

Complexity and Simplicity

Neat Flash Widget from the Little Car Made Out of Clay

Zeldman: Email is not a platform for design.

A List A-what?

EBlog Flashback: Marty on Web 2.0

Content is still king in Web 2.0 (and will be in Web 3.0, BTW).

Back to the future: Microsoft Outlook and HTML Email

CSS for you designer-types

How Pentagram does identity

Kate Moss - the brand

Hello, Logo

Are you reading enough books?

Computers make designers sloppy.

Origami as inspiration

Fonts to avoid - or add if you dare!

What equals design?

Get to know your industry!

Looking at type on the web

So, is the new website going to be black and white too?

Clip and stick

Quote of the Day

The devil says: add and delete vertical space in measured intervals.

Who’s in the details?

Business and Design

Are you breaking Fitts’ Law?

A List Apart: Navigation and Content

Get your design out of my IA!

Making a poster interactive

How do they do it?

Getting the most of online ad space?

Recycle Your Spam Emails

More than meets the eye

HELVETICA: a documentary film by Gary Hustwit

Get your audience engaged with your site

Viva la Resolution!

Some call them UI Patterns…

Users aren’t stupid.  They’re efficient.

The past year’s logo redesigns

“Bad Ads” Photoshopping contest

Let’s Get Practical: ICC Profile Basics

If you want to be part of the process, please go to school

Design Meets the Bottom Line

Now that’s just creative

Speaking of Smiley Faces…

Quote of the Day: Michael Bierut

Finally, I can use the word “whore” without getting in trouble with HR…

Stock Photography Cliches

How well do you understand design?

Keep the funny. Lose the bunny.*

The Smiley Face: The Ultimate Design

Free Pixel fonts

Comment section designs

Typography for Headlines

National Gazette site design: In Progress

Free font: Crash Numbering Kit

I invented the Apple logo.

Are you spending too much time designing the home page?

Making the big sites better

Design Trends 2006

Vitamin launches with all-star cast.

Users read the web in an “F” shaped pattern - Jakob Nielsen

The Best of the Best 2006

A few quotes

Ugly = better?

What do you think of my brochure?

Study: 50 percent of refunds due to bad design


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