­­You've reached the f­ormer web site of Erickson Barnett. After a 12 year run, Lee and Jeff have d­ecided to move on to the next big thing.

For Lee, that involves getting her PhD at Penn State's IST School. She's focusing on various aspects of the social media world.

For Jeff, he continues to work with clients at a strategic level on marketing, web, and brand/messaging. His new company, Erickson Strategic, is based out of State College, Pennsylvania.

Thanks so much for your support over the years. We did­ some truly outstanding work for a whole lot of wonderful clients. Feel free to visit our old site. If you need to contact us for any reason, please see the information below.


Freelance Support ­

If you need support on a former EB project or a new initiative, the following former EB'ers are available on a freelance basis:

Brand / Marketing / Web / Social Media



Flash Development & Illustration

Find former EB staff?

The following folks have provided contact info:

Client or vendor questions?

Please contact Jeff Erickson by email.


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